Florida Fans Threw Cash At Auburn Players, Chanted "F-B-I" As They Left The Floor

This college basketball FBI probe may burn the whole NCAA to the ground and prematurely take Dickie V’s life, but while it crumbles, we’re going to have a flood of content coming from these fans and students. We saw a glimpse of it this weekend and it’s only going to continue for as this thing unravels.
Oregon came out of the gates firing last night when they played Arizona and I’ll get to some of the good stuff they came up with, but for now, let’s focus on these Florida fans who held back nothing when going to for the FBI burns. They skipped right past the signs or fake FBI jackets and went straight to throwing real money at Auburn players and chanting “F-B-I” in their faces as they left the court following a tough loss.

The Auburn players handled it well because things could’ve gotten ugly. Not many things are more disrespectful than having money thrown at you. But instead, they stayed on brand and made sure to take the cash that was given to them with no questions asked.

Back to Oregon…they were a little more subtle about it

Maybe not.


Zion Williamson Dunked A Ball Directly Into An Opponent's Face
Zion Williamson Dunked A Ball Directly Into An Opponent's Face
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