Mr. T Gave The USA Curling Team The Pregame Speech They Needed To Take Home Gold

Late last night, our very own United States curling team took home the gold medal in Pyeongchang in what some are calling one of the most improbable runs in sports history. The “Miracurl On Ice” is what I’m hearing it’s being called and rightfully so.
After taking care of business on Thursday by beating heavy favorite Canada (the 2nd demoralizing loss courtesy of us to our northern neighbors that day), they took on Sweden early this morning (start time was around 1:45am EST) in the gold medal final.
A couple hours later and America on the top of the curling podium for the first time ever thanks to some of these clutch gene shots (do we call them shots in curling?) down the stretch.

But it wouldn’t have been possible without the world’s #1 curling fan having Team USA’s back throughout this run. Sure, those clutch shots had a lot do with getting us that first gold, but I’d like to throw some credit towards Mr. T as well who gave the team the pregame speech needed to bring it home.
This is our Herb Brooks moment.

It wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work, dedication, and resilience of this team…and also Mr. T.


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