Roger Clemens Once Again Dominates Karaoke Night

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Another week, another video of Roger Clemens reminding everyone he’s become a karaoke legend in retirement. An MLB pitching mound used to be his domain, now it’s behind a Macbook Pro where he DJs at the Pump House Station in Arizona.

The Rocket had old white girls bouncing on Sunday night to the tune of Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic.
“Always Enjoy having Roger and family at our Restaurant ~ Beautiful people ~ down to earth ~ Lotza Fun!!!” captioned one of Roger’s karaoke groupies.
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How serious is Roger about his karaoke? He has his own damn system. That’s commitment to the craft.
Sidenote: Were you aware Roger Clemens is on Instagram, verified and everything? He mostly posts golfing pictures, but he probably should have more than 1,400 followers given his place in baseball lore.
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