Hawks Fans Taunted The Cavs With Some Very True LeBron Chants


The Atlanta Hawks may be the worst team in the NBA with the worst attendance in the league, but that actually helps when it comes to dropping some sick burns on some opposing players and teams. An empty arena provides the perfect environment for the players on the court to hear everything a fan might want to say to them. Hawks fans have nothing else to cheer about, so might as well turn to the opposing team.

Last night was LeBron’s first game since he basically uprooted his team before the trade deadline. Hawks fans clearly saw this as an opportunity to warn the remaining Cavs players that LeBron will, in fact, leave you if he so chooses. He’s done it twice before and after those deadline deals it’s looking like it’ll be a third. Whether it’s Houston or LA or some other spot, we all agree he’s likely gone. Unless some sort of miracle happens, these Hawks fans were spitting straight truth bombs right to the rest of the Cavs.

Tristan Thompson got the brunt of it while he was at the charity stripe. They even mixed in a “he will trade you”, which is DEFINITELY true.

Sorry, Cavs. These are all facts.

However, it looks like in the end, LeBron turned the crowd back

Classic Atlanta sports fans, am I right?

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