Watch Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns Beef On Court

Do Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns hate each other, or are they just temporarily infected by the Cavaliers’ bad juju? I only ask because the duo had a needless on-court spat during tonight’s game against the Cavs.

As you can see below, Isaiah Thomas was playing his typical brand of poor basketball and jacked up an airball so bad Butler and Towns couldn’t secure it. Tristan Thompson benefited from the flub with an easy dunk, and the Butler-Towns drama/mope session ensued. The drama was so real Tom Thibodeau had to call a timeout to save the following possession:

Jimmy Butler gets mad at Karl-Anthony Towns, Towns flings ball inbounds angrily, Butler mopes up the court, Thibs calls timeout, Towns and Butler still kinda having a tiff after it.

— Justin Russo (@FlyByKnite) February 8, 2018

Fortunately for T’Wolves fans, this misunderstanding hasn’t torpedoed the game at all. In fact, Towns and Butler are a combined 13-14 for 39 points (Cavs defense on point), so it appears their pettiness has been put on ice for the time being.