Patriots Fans Bombarded Pornhub After Their Crushing Super Bowl Defeat

How did Patriots fans deal with their Super Bowl loss to the Eagles? Some rioted (see UMass), some drank in excess, some got on Twitter to skewer Bill Belichick for benching Malcolm Butler, and some took a trip over to Pornhub to jerk their sorrows away.

Pornhub released their insights column after the big game to provide traffic details from Sunday night, and they revealed a 28 percent spike in Massachusetts hours after Tom Brady’s Hail Mary fell incomplete. Philadelphia had an increase of their own, but, you know, it wasn’t nearly as high because a good chunk of them were out tearing up the streets in celebration.

via Pornhub Insights

Much like last year’s Super Bowl, the site experienced a major dip all around the country during the game, which once again proves primetime football is natural adult-film deterrent… at least temporarily.

If you want to learn more about your late night go-to site’s Super Bowl traffic (Canada, Men v. Women, etc.), check out Pornhub Insights.