21 NSFWBDs React To Josh McDaniels Rejecting The Colts & Giving Back Their Rose

This was a big one. The reaction to Josh McDaniels rejecting the Colts head coaching position after the team already announced he was taking the job sent the NSFWBDs into a frenzy this evening where they’re roasting the Patriots offensive coordinator and now clearly the future head coach of the Pats once Hoodie decides he’s had enough and hits the road.
Josh McDaniels was clearly given a guarantee from ownership that he’s Hoodie’s replacement and that he’ll get some sort of ownership stake in one of the eSports franchises Bob Kraft is cooking up.
You don’t just turn down your redemption job to remain an OC in New England. Now comes the Belichick speculation. Is Hoodie indicating he’s done? Is he going to give it one more season? Was McDaniels given a timeframe for when Bill will hang up the sleeveless sweatshirt?
You want to talk about an explosive offseason for the Patriots…it’s highly likely they’re drafting a QB! Meanwhile, the Colts are left trying to figure out what they’re going to do. They already had the social media team create all sorts of social banners for Visor and now that’s all been scrapped.
So much drama. So many emotions. The only group of guys I trust to cut through the tape is the NSFWBDs. Time for them to do their thing.

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