The Super Bowl Parking And Food Prices Are About What You'd Expect

Look, I get that the Super Bowl is the game of games and that prices are obviously going to take a hike in the northern direction. it makes sense, but some of these prices I’m seeing in and around the US Bank Stadium today are just flat out silly.
The first one I saw this morning was that parking lot sign in the photo above. You could let me park my car in the concourse above my section and $240 would still be insane. But I’m assuming those spots are literally next to the stadium, so let’s move on.
This is a little more reasonable.

Just wait until the Super Bowl is played in Los Angeles…people may have a drop a grand just to park their 2004 Ford Explorer.

After seeing the parking prices creep onto my Twitter feed this morning, I decided it was only right we go take a gander at the food, which I imagined couldn’t be much better.
Yup! You’ll be dropping at least over $20 for a sandwich with a side. Although, friend of the site Will Brinson is right about the chicken. A whole chicken for $23? Definitely a steal.

How about the alcohol? That’s really what’s most important here

Yeah, you’ll be breaking the bank if you’re trying to keep that buzz going during the game. $11-$17 for beer.

This is why the only time you should go to a Super Bowl is if your team is in it. Otherwise, stay home, eat like shit, and get hammered for 1/8th of the price.

Johnny Football is Rolling With Teflon Tom and the Pats
Johnny Football is Rolling With Teflon Tom and the Pats
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