Millie Responds After Vikings Loss To Eagles, Meanwhile Eagles Fans Attacking 99-Year-Old

The feel good story of the NFC playoffs, a 99-year-old screwdriver drinking Vikings fan grandma named Millie, has come to an end after the Eagles absolutely whipped the Vikings 38-7 in Philadelphia, but not without controversy. A video posted last night on BC Twitter showed two Eagles fans walking through South Philly with a “Fuc(c) Millie” banner. Word is starting to spread about it in Minneapolis and the fans there are furious over the thought of such hatred for their adopted grandmother.
As for how Millie is handling the situation, her granddaughter released a statement after the blowout loss to offer Millie’s congratulations to Eagles fans and welcoming the fans to Minneapolis for the Super Bowl festivities.
I know, this is all too much for people in Minnesota. Not only do they miss the opportunity to play in a home Super Bowl, but now they might end up renting their houses to disrespecting Eagles fans.
(*Disclaimer because sensitive Eagles fans need it: I know, I know…these Millie haters probably can’t afford a Greyhound ticket to Minneapolis and they surely didn’t go to the actual game, so I’d hate to lump all Eagles fans into the same category as Millie haters.)

*Disclaimer: Not all Eagles fans are idiots…just the ones who use this hashtag…this is very isolated…few bad apples…bad actors:

Eagles Fan Gets Trucked By Subway Post
Eagles Fan Gets Trucked By Subway Post