Tim Tebow Is Heading To The Mets Big League Camp For Spring Training


Tim Tebow has been all over ESPN since September doing strictly college football stuff for the last 7 months that I almost forgot he was still doing the whole baseball thing. I got so used to seeing him every Saturday morning shooting the shit with Marcus Spears it actually slipped my mind that he’s the same guy who mashed home runs and made gold glove caliber plays out in left all last summer.

Then this morning my memory was jogged after the news broke that Timmy got a big league invite to Spring Training this year. No more of that fake minor league spring training B.S. He’s here to play with the big dogs.

So now this begs the question of whether we see Tim in a big league uniform this season. It seems to me that the Mets aren’t here to play games. They’re all in on TebowMania. You can call it a PR stunt or call it a way to sell more tickets, but it doesn’t matter. It’s not like Mets management is out here to win games. Even if he stinks, bring him on up. He got his year in the minors, now it’s time for big boy baseball. We’re going to need this in the dog days of summer.
I’ll just say this, it will be a major disappointment if we don’t see him trotting out to left at Citi Field by the All-Star break.

Remember… his numbers weren’t totally awful by the end of the season last year

Definitely room for improvement.


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