Georgia Tech Strength Guy Zach Reed Demolishes Locker Room

I’m not really sure what’s going on at Georgia Tech today in the football locker rooms, but it appears the Ramblin Wreck will be getting new lockers after Georgia Tech Player Development Coach Zach Reed efforted a sledgehammer through the existing lockers.

By the way, I’ll just mention right here that Reed is my new favorite college strength coach. Great beard. Smedium Guy. First one in, last one out of the gym kinda guy. 110% on arm day kinda guy. I look at Zach walk away from that demolished locker and start to think of who weak I am as a result of this blogging lifestyle.

Let’s get some legitimate details in this post so my bosses don’t get mad and then I’m going to start throwing around 20 pounders.


Georgia Tech has begun a $4.5 million renovation to its football locker room, a project that will transform the Yellow Jackets’ 15-year-old locker room into one of college football’s most state-of-the-art dressing areas.

Features of the new locker room include:

  • modernized visual displays throughout the space, including a “gear wall” featuring Georgia Tech’s new adidas apparel and equipment;
  • enhanced audio-visual systems to keep student-athletes informed and entertained;
  • a hydration station that puts a wide variety of sports drinks at student-athletes’ fingertips, including Powerade and Core Power (the official protein drink of Georgia Tech athletics);
  • a hydrotherapy area, including hot and cold tubs to assist in student-athletes’ everyday recovery and rehabilitation;
  • upgrades to the locker room’s existing steam room;
  • increased shower and restroom capacity.

Additionally, each of the 116 individual lockers will include mechanical systems for ventilation and drying, as well as charging stations for student-athletes’ mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers.

Pretty sure Zach’s video is going to go viral. I’m kinda an expert on these things.

That’s the face of a guy who loves weights:


Remember when Tom Herman tried to swing a sledge?