Gabe Kapler On How Many Wins Phillies Fans Can Expect This Year: "A Shit Load"

I’m going to really enjoy all of the content that our new favorite meathead MLB manager, Gabe Kapler, is going to bring us this year and beyond. Ever since the first MLB Network interview he did after getting hired by the Phillies where his traps looked like mountains and his bicep veins were popping through his insanely tight t-shirt, I knew this guy would be a content machine.
And it doesn’t just stop with the tan and the shredded figure. This man has confidence and motivational speaking skills like he was created in a lab specifically to coach sports. When asked about what fans can expect for the Phillies this year, he nailed about 3 or 4 classic cliches like “playing with intensity”, “playing for the man next to you” and “being prepared” before bringing the point home with “a shit load of wins”.

Just when you thought this guy was a coach speak robot who only talks in general cliches that don’t actually mean anything, he drops a “shit load of wins” on Philly fans the week of the NFC Championship game and now I’m pretty sure they’re heads are all going to explode with over stimulation.
I don’t know if it’s possible for these fans to get even more fired up than they already are this week, but I think Gabe Kapler just did it.

Might as well throw this in here for all the lady Philly fans

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