Meet Saints Cheerleader Alixx

The Jags just wrapped up their biggest win in franchise history and that’s all well and good, but we’re moving onto the next game of the day and the game we thought would be the best game of the day. It’ll be tough to top that wild ass one in Pittsburgh this afternoon, but Saints-Vikings is probably the best matchup on paper of the weekend.

Last Sunday, we introduced you to Saints cheerleader Caroline and today, we’re running it back because if we’re being honest, I think the Saints might have the best-looking squad in the NFL. So today we meet Alixx, another LSU grad-turned Saints cheerleader. It’s like they have their own farm system.

Alixx’s Bio:

  • HOMETOWN: St. Amant, Louisiana
  • UNIVERSITY: Louisiana State University
  • DEGREE/MAJOR: Bachelor of Science in Communication
[IG – Alixx]

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