Florida Elementary School PE Teacher Busted For Selling Weed From Her House

Kimberly Hellenburg, a teacher at Pleasant Grove Elementary School was arrested for dealing marijuana out of her home. pic.twitter.com/FmAxXv46Up

— Christopher Boyd (@CMB_News) January 10, 2018

This week’s disgraced teacher honor goes to Pleasant Grove Elementary School PE teacher Kimberly Hellenberg, who was caught selling marijuana out of her home. The plus side? This isn’t another inappropriate sexual relationship case. The downside? Selling tree directly to law enforcement isn’t exactly a great look either.

Details from WFTS Tampa:

During the investigation, deputies located more than two pounds of marijuana in the home, distribution equipment and at least a half pound of marijuana in her bedroom.

Hellenburg’s son, Brendan Brown, was also arrested in the same home in December of 2017 for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute after deputies learned he was receiving large amounts of marijuana in the mail from California.

We spoke with Hellenburg’s son at the house, but he declined to comment. We reached out to his attorney, but we are waiting to hear back.

We were unable to reach Hellenburg.

Another report (via WFLA) notes detectives were monitoring Hellenburg’s home for weeks before eventually buying “large amounts” of marijuana from her. She’s been hit with two counts each of Possession of a Controlled Substance and Sale of Controlled Substance.