2nd Hour Of The Wednesday Show Was Pure Fire…EDM, BUSCH & Make Guys Night Great Again


Big storm rolling into town…Bellino was just coming off a Purdue-Michigan game…plenty of questions to ask my radio co-host from what is the most he’s ever spent on a gift for a girlfriend to if his first girlfriend is on his Facebook friends list. So much to cover.


• Bellino tells the ins & outs of being a PA announcer, especially how to rip off a huge THREEEEEEE at Michigan games

• Has the Big Ten told Bellino to stop with the THREEEEEEEE calls?

• Strack called in to tell us the weather forecast and how he dropped a bunch of money on an engagement

• Strack answers when it’s time to tell a child his/her breastfeeding days are over

• Bellino gives me a lesson on Kendrick Lamar


• Country concerts vs. EDM shows

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