AHLer Borrows Red Wings AHLer's Truck, Makes It Just In Time As Patrick Roy's Daughter Gives Birth To Their Son

Now here’s a great story that’s going to go viral from People magazine, to NHL Network, to ESPN, to the Ellen Show, to the Today Show, etc. Meet Pierre-Cedric Labrie and Jana Pieuze-Roy. He’s a tough guy from the Milwaukee Admirals in the AHL and she’s Patrick Roy’s daughter. These two had a baby New Years Eve, but the real story here is how Labrie found a ride back to Milwaukee to see his son born.
There’s was a bad snowstorm barreling into Grand Rapids. Nobody was willing to drive him to Milwaukee.  Ahh, but this is hockey. These guys always seem to know a guy who knows a guy. Labrie, thanks to his teammate’s relationship with a Grand Rapids backup goalie, found a ride. The opposing goalie’s truck.
I know we’re talking about a couple layers of separation, but the GR goalie, Tom McCollum, has been in the Detroit Red Wings system for years. Imagine this: a Red Wings goalie helping out the father to Patrick Roy’s new grandson.
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“I was like, ‘Zenger, you played in GR (Grand Rapids) a couple years ago,’ ” Labrie said. “ ‘Do you know anybody that would let me borrow a car?’ Because I called taxi drivers, there’s a bad storm, no one wants to take me to Milwaukee. With the New Year’s Eve parties, all the chauffeurs for the private cars are reserved.

“He’s like, ‘There’s a guy on the other team. He’s a really good guy.’ ”

The Griffins were headed back from a night game in Cleveland when Zengerle’s text message popped up on backup goaltender Tom McCollum’s phone. McCollum was watching a movie. He can’t sleep on the bus.

“It was kind of funny the way he said it,” McCollum said in a telephone interview Thursday. “He was like, ‘Hey, I’ve got a question; it’s totally cool if you say no,’ and just kind of explained the situation of what happened.”

Labrie gets on the road, hits the big snowstorm makes it in time to see his son born. He eventually gets back in the truck, heads back to Grand Rapids, drops off the keys to the backup goalie and plays Wednesday night in a 4-2 loss.



Remember when Mike Vernon bloodied Roy?


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