Here’s Kate Upton Crushing Some Hip Thrusts

For anyone who needs motivation to start shedding those added holiday pounds, look no further than Kate Upton, who is out here grinding on a Sunday. Kate’s been busy dropping wedding pictures on her IG, but she changed things up with a clip of her powering through 225-pound hip thrusts. There’s really no doubt in my mind I’d injure myself attempting this:

Upton’s celebrity trainer Ben Bruno provided additional details on the exercise on his page:

Kate Upton (@kateupton) crushes some “1.5 rep” hip thrusts where, like the name suggests, you do one full rep followed by a partial rep, pausing at the top each time. Strong! I love hip thrusts, but a lot people (myself included) reach a point where the heavy weight becomes uncomfortable on the hips even with a pad, and they start to feel it in the lower back instead of the glutes, even with perfect form. This point is different for different people, but now that Kate is easily using more than 225 pounds on hip thrusts, we’ve transitioned to “1.5 reps” as a way to get a good training effect with lighter loads so we can keep working the glutes with less stress on the lower back and hips.