Former Wisconsin HS Teacher Samantha Fitzpatrick Reportedly Had Six-Month Relationship With Student

Former Ripon High School teacher charged with sexual assault of a student

— CBS 58 News (@CBS58) December 7, 2017

Your disgraced former teacher of the day honor goes to Samantha Fitzpatrick, who is facing child enticement and sexual assault charges for having relations with a 17-year-old student of hers. Fitzpatrick, 28, taught English at Ripon High School in Wisconsin.

— SoullessTrojan (@Grago395) December 8, 2017

According to WBAY-TV 2, Fitzpatrick would express favoritism towards the student when he was in her class and that students believe the two had sex at multiple locations. There was also plenty of sexting evidence, which shouldn’t really shock anyone reading a teacher-student story at this point. Further details from the report:

On April 24, Ripon Police received a tip from someone who said she had information about an “inappropriate relationship” between a high school teacher and a student.

Police spoke with another teacher at the school who told them she noticed the victim was in Fitzpatrick’s classroom a lot. When the victim was in Fitzpatrick’s class, he would sit next to her at her desk and she would talk with him instead of the class.

This teacher said she had heard from another student that the victim had told people he had sex with Fitzpatrick at her residence.

Another student told police that the victim and Fitzpatrick had “done stuff” at a hotel in Ripon. This student also told investigators that he had given rides to the victim to a gas station near Picket. The victim told his friend that Ms. Fitzpatrick was going to be picking him up there.

And the sexts…

Officers were able to view Facebook messages between Fitzpatrick and the victim. The messages were sent between Nov. 2016 and May 2017.

The criminal complaint states that an officer saw “sexually graphic messages” between Fitzpatrick and the victim. The messages include descriptions of sex acts they would perform on each other.

Both Fitzpatrick and the victim apparently denied the relationship was a thing, but that’s kinda hard to play off when you have eyewitnesses and digital evidence that say otherwise.

Fitzpatrick posted $1,000 bond and is due back in court in January.