Bills-Colts Tickets Are Going For Less Than $10 This Sunday


The NFL season is beginning to hit its final stretch, playoff races are heating up and everybody is getting ready for the last four weeks of the season. We’ll have some good matchups this Sunday that will surely impact playoff chances and maybe shift some seedings. There are also some REALLY bad games this Sunday like Colts-Bills, where we’ll likely get to see round two of the Nathan Peterman experiment.

That alone might be enough to flip over a few times during the slate, but actually going to that shitshow is a different story. Tickets are so low on the secondary market right now that they’re creeping into Browns territory.

Less than $10 will get you a seat, but it might just be worth it to go get hammered with Bills Mafia for a few hours then head home. I don’t think you could pay me to watch Brissett vs. Peterman in Buffalo in December.

Let’s check on that Buffalo weather…not worth it.

They’re trying everything to get asses in the seats

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