Meet Aaron Boone’s Wife Laura Cover

The dream of Alex Rodriguez becoming the new Yankees manager died on Friday when the team hired former third baseman Aaron Boone to take over for Joe Girardi. Undoubtedly a bummer that J.Lo won’t be frequenting Yankee Stadium, but it appears Boone hasn’t done too bad himself as he’s married to former Playboy model Laura Cover.

According to Laura’s bio on IMDB, she was Playmate of the Month back in October of 1998 and married Aaron in 2002. Of course, Aaron would hit his iconic home run against the Red Sox the following year. The couple has a total of four kids together (two of them adopted):

Hopefully this managing venture works out for Aaron (who has no managerial experience whatsoever) and the fam. Expectations are pretty high after the Yankees came one game away from punching their ticket to the World Series.