Lady Bruins Fan Takes A Left Hook On The Chin, Two Fans Fight It Out


November hockey! I’ll be honest, it’s always a nice surprise to see some hockey fans going at it in the stands this early in the season. We’ve been drowning in NFL and college football fan fight videos for 3 straight months, so it’s good thing to switch it up sometimes and remind everyone that there’s some hockey die-hards out there ready to rumble at any given moment.

These Bruins fans give us a taste of what we can expect next spring when it’s time to buckle down for the playoffs.

Now, I don’t know what started this thing, but I’m gonna say it’s never a good idea to start swinging haymakers at women in the stands, no matter how much shit she is talking. This guy clearly doesn’t know what is or isn’t a good idea.

Also, tough look for her boyfriend (or significant other, whatever). You can’t let your lady eat the first punch in the fight and then come swooping into her defense afterward. That’s how you live rent free in the doghouse.

Here they are getting tossed

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