OJ Simpson Hits Up Costco On Sample Saturday

I knew it would probably happen, but I’m still a little disturbed that O.J. Simpson is a fellow Costco card holder. That’s the Juice on the Loose Saturday at a Vegas Costco just livin’ it up on Sample Saturday. Notice the timestamp: 2:40 p.m. Word must spread fast in the prison system on the ideal time to hit up Costco for samples because Juice is there at the perfect time.

• Families with toddlers are long gone because the kids need the afternoon nap

• Old people aren’t in line for samples because they don’t want to ruin their early dinner

• The exercise crowd is long gone since they get up at like 4 a.m. to get a jog in

This really is the perfect time to slam an around the world of samples at Costco, pick up some Dad Js and scoot out of there after dropping at least three bills.

OJ Simpson walked free from a Nevada prison rockin' the fresh Costco 'Court Classics' pic.twitter.com/RNhyhfRAL8

— AngryMan (@AngryManTV) October 1, 2017

Just out here putting his life back together:

This is a joke right? #OJsimpson #thejuice #tinder pic.twitter.com/y3yRPbFrqn

— Jessica (@glitznglam420) November 21, 2017