Meet LA Rams Cheerleader Megan T.

Easily the best game of the week 12 NFL slate is this afternoon’s marquee matchup between the Saints and Rams. Coming into the year, this game would’ve been total trash, but 12 games in the year and it’s the best game of the weekend. That’s the beauty of the NFL. The Saints are going for 9 in a row, the Rams are trying to hold onto that division lead, and I’m thinking there’s going to be some points scored.
So let’s meet Rams cheerleader, Megan. It’s almost not fair that the Rams have first pick of all the hot chicks coming out of Southern California. I imagine this squad puts an absolute beat down on the other ones across the league.

Megan’s Bio:

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Year on the squad: 2nd
Fun Facts:

  • She’s been dancing since she was two
  • If she played football, she’d be a kicker
  • Her favorite spot in LA is the Santa Monica pier

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