The WBO Bantamweight Championship Ended In Eleven Seconds With A One Punch KO

If I had to guess, I’d say most people could care less about what’s going on in the WBO bantamweight division right now. But when you have a KO like this, where boxing history was made, I think it deserves to be mentioned.

Last night was the WBO bantamweight championship and before people in the crowd could even order a drink, the fight was over. If for some reason you were late to your seat, you were SOL.  It was one punch, literally the first punch thrown in the entire fight, and buddy went night-night.

Zolani Tete knocks out Siboniso Gonya with one right hook about 10 seconds into the fight to retain the WBO bantamweight title

— Ryan Songalia (@ryansongalia) November 18, 2017

The fight officially ended in 11 seconds, which is now a new world record for quickest KO ever in a world title fight. And if we’re being honest here, the fight really ended in 6 seconds. That’s when the punch landed and that’s when my man was put to sleep. The previous record was sitting at a lengthy 17 seconds.

You can expect to see this one show up in a few Youtube KO compilations.

Zolani Tete has just set a new WORLD RECORD for the fastest knockout in a world title fight. He iced Siboniso Gonya in just 11 seconds!

— Michael Benson (@MichaelBensonn) November 18, 2017

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