Browns Tickets Were Selling For As Low As $4 Against The Jaguars


Browns-Jags isn’t the NFL matchup of the century, but if you wanted to go today, you probably could’ve scrapped enough cash from your couch cushions. If not, maybe round up all the extra change you keep in your car because four whole dollars was all it took to get inside the gate today to watch the Jaguars defense do unspeakable things to the Browns.

Or you could use that $4 for something much more useful like 4 double cheeseburgers from McDonalds or any of these things on Amazon or a couple of 40oz to drink away your sadness for being a Browns fan.

Is sitting in this weather even worth $4 dollars?

This guy was scalping 3 tickets for $15 outside of the stadium


Apparently, they got as low as $2.

Also, people clarified that this is the booze-free section, but the point still remains.

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