Rachel Bush's Sister Goes To FAU & Is Now A Bills Fan – Meet Jordan Bush







Just when you think the Bush family responsible for Rachel Bush was done pumping out IG superstars, along comes Rachel’s younger sister who just happens to be following in her older sister’s footsteps by attending FAU and joining the Bills Mafia to cheer on future brother-in-law Jordan Poyer.
You couldn’t ask for a better scenario for these Bush sisters. They lived the tough life at FAU where the weather is constantly perfect and then they get to party their asses off as part of the Bills Mafia. This is just how 2008 Busted Coverage would draw it up. You know what never happens at a school like Kansas? The football team never hires guys like Kiffin at FAU & they never have students like the Bush sisters. This stuff only happens in Florida. Every single time. It’s in the water there.

If ESPN was smart, the WWL would give these two a reality show:


Meet Morgan Peterman — Wife of Bills QB Nathan Peterman
Meet Morgan Peterman — Wife of Bills QB Nathan Peterman
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