Jimmer Fredette And Stephon Marbury Almost Throw Hands During Their Game In China

There is one person that you do not want to mess with in the Chinese Basketball Association and his name is Stephon Marbury. That man is a God in the CBA. He’s their Michael Jordan. Starbury went over there back in 2010 and hasn’t left yet. He reinvented his career, got himself 3 rings and a statue in less than a decade, all while still slinging his affordable sneaker line. Ballin’ is an understatement.
So let’s just say Jimmer Fredette is barking up the wrong tree when he goes after Marbury here. Not in China, buddy. That may fly in D-League, but when you come to Beikong there are consequences for your actions. I’ll say this, though: I didn’t think Jimmer had this kind of fire in him. But if you come at the king, you best not miss.
Side note: I feel like we¬†don’t talk enough about how big of a star Stephon Marbury is in China. It’s insane.

Decent game for Jimmer, though

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