Milwaukee Bucks Ticket Promo Dunks On The Bulls' Awful Roster

This is what happens when you make an organizational decision to go into full tank mode. You’re going to lose, you’re going to lose even more and then you’re going get mocked from all corners of the internet. That’s the NBA in 2017. You’re either one of the 2-3 teams who actually have a shot at winning a title, you’re in the middle of the pack where nobody gives a shit, or you’re tanking and it’s fair game for all of us to take shots.
The Bulls are option #3. They stink and they stink on purpose. That means there’s not even a whiff of a marketable star for others teams to promote in their ticket package. So naturally, the Bucks compromised and threw Benny The Bull up there because he’s clearly the most recognizable name in the organization.
Benny’s thoughts?

The Ball family is taking it from every direction today.

Best player on the Bulls?

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