NBC 10 Philadelphia Remembered Roy Halladay By Showing Highlights Of Him Giving Up Home Runs

Roy Halladay, who died Tuesday in a plane crash off the coast of Florida, went 55-29 with the Phillies over his four seasons in that city including a postseason no-hitter in 2010. He was beloved in that city. TV stations had so many memories to pull from for the tribute videos.

NBC Philly decided, for some strange reason, they would go with highlights of Roy giving up home runs.

You want to see what cuts to the TV industry looks like? This is what it looks like. Someone went into the archives, pulled the first few Halladay clips, didn’t even look…BOOM throw this on air. QUICK…GET IT LIVE…LETS DOOO IT LIVE.

This is just starting to pick up steam. Expect an apology from NBC 10 before the nooner: