FAU Installed A Lane Kiffin Campus Train For Students


All aboard the Lane Train!

I love FAU fully embracing The Lane Train concept. This has been a saying in college football for years. You hire Lane Kiffin as your head football coach, you better be ready for a ride, an adventure, because who knows where this thing will end up. One second you’re winning and the next your program might end up in an actual train wreck. That’s the beauty of going all in on Kiffin.

So good on Florida Atlantic for taking the metaphorical Lane Train idea and turning it into a literal Lane Train that transports students around campus.

The FAU faithful needs to enjoy this ride while they can. Get in as many Lane Train trips as you can because before you know it, the train will be leaving the station for another job. Preferably somewhere in the SEC.

But for now, savor all that winning.

Weekend editor based in Atlanta. Contact me: dan.crawford@teamcoed.com
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