2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Penn State At Ohio State

College Gameday will be in Columbus for the 2nd time this season today and for the second week in a row, we have another awesome Saturday of games. Only one problem – they basically all kickoff at the same.
The warmup will be at noon with Oklahoma State-WVU. Then we get to the 3:30 slate of games which is just flat out silly. You have Georgia-Florida, TCU-Iowa State, NC State-Notre Dame, and of course Penn State-Ohio State all playing at the same. This is one of those days when you break out the laptop, the phone, the iPad, anything that can stream games. You’re going to need it with those 4 juggernauts on at the same time.
Gameday Pick: Penn State +7
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2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Michigan At Penn State
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