Ohio Man Walks Into Punch From Speedway Clerk After Pulling A Box Cutter

52-year-old Andre Young might want to take off some time from attempting to rob gas stations after what happened to him Monday night at a Cincinnati Speedway. He picked the wrong place to rob because this time the clerk fought back and when I say fought back, I mean the clerk knocked the shitt out of Young.
The mugshot tells the story here.
From WLW-5:

It happened when police said Young tried to jump across the counter of the store.
“He’s still in here,” the clerk told a 911 dispatcher. “I had to knock him out. You need to get a trooper here now, because he’s in here, he’s in here all ****** up.”
Detectives said the 52-year-old Young acted as if he were going to buy a can of Milwaukee’s Best beer when he revealed his true intentions.
“The allegations are that the defendant went into a Speedway gas station, brandished a box cutter, and stated, ‘We can do this the easy way, or the hard way,'” said Dave Wood, with the Hamilton County prosecutor’s office. “The cashier luckily was able to defend himself and incapacitate the defendant until police showed up.”

Andre had five prior felony convictions for aggravated armed robbery, robbery, robbery, aggravated robbery and robbery.
This is absolutely great work from that Speedway clerk. Guy felt like he was about to get stabbed, said not today bitch, took control with his fists and dropped Andre like ESPN did Barstool.
Folks, this is the kind of story we should be out here championing. This is incredible work. Andre’s going to think twice the next time. No way he wants another embarrassing mugshot.

This might be an Ohio Man quote of the year right here:

Watch Andre get his eye tatted:


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