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You can become the owner of the Rocky III statue…

…well, the backup one. Still, though, this thing is going for crazy money on the auction block.

From TMZ: The artist behind the piece, A. Thomas Schomberg, made two versions of the iconic sculpture in the 80’s for the 1982 flick … #1 was used in the movie and #2 was a backup in case anything bad happened. The original sculpture from the movie is still in Philly. The backup had been on display for years in the San Diego Hall of Champions, but that place closed down and now Rocky #2 is for sale. We spoke with a rep for SCP Auctions — which has auctioned everything from game-worn Babe Ruth uniforms to Michael Jordan game-used shoes — and they’re expecting the Rocky statue to fetch somewhere between $500k and $1 mil.

There was no way you could get the original anyway because it’s still at the top of those steps in Philly, so this is the next best thing if you have somewhere between 500k and a mil to spend.

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