Meet Denver Broncos Cheerleader Hayley M.

Your Sunday Night Football matchup tonight should’ve been a good game about 6 weeks ago, but now you’re looking at it and thinking about watching baseball instead. The Giants are heading straight for tank mode after basically their whole depth chart got injured last weekend. I’m thinking the Broncos should take care of business as a 13 point favorite.
That means our cheerleader this Sunday can take it a little easier on the sidelines tonight. I don’t think there’s going to be any intense cheering needed from DBC Hayley. Tonight she can just mail it in.

Hayley’s Bio:

  • Hometown: Johnston, Iowa
  • College: La James International College, Aveda Institute Denver
  • Year on the squad: 2
  • Favorites:
    • Movie – Step Brothers
    • Song to dance to – Wannabe by The Spice Girls
    • Color – Pink
    • Super Hero – Wonder Woman
[IG – Hayley]

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