2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Villanova At James Madison

This is the second week in a row where the slate of games isn’t that great. Last week only had one ranked matchup and this week we have zero. So what does that mean? It means get ready for some wild shit to go down today. These are always the weeks where things get wonky and it already started last night. Clemson goes to Syracuse and loses and Wazzu gets blown out by Cal. That’s two top 10 teams going down on a random Friday night. Be prepared for upsets today.
Also, this poor slate means GameDay gets to go back to an FCS school today, which is always good news sign-wise. These kids don’t take it for granted and if the last trip to James Madison is any indicator, the signs should be fire this morning.
GameDay pick: Utah +13
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2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: West Virginia At TCU
2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: West Virginia At TCU