Reporter Asks Bryce Harper The Definition Of A Clown Question After The NLDS

TBS studio host @CaseyStern blasts a reporter who asked Bryce Harper for his thoughts on the upcoming Cubs-Dodgers series. @awfulannouncing

— Æ‘unhouse (@BackAftaThis) October 13, 2017

“Hey Bryce, I understand you just got your heart ripped out again in the playoffs, but how awesome is the NLCS going to be?”

That’s basically what this reporter did last night after the game. The Nationals failed to meet expectations again in the playoffs, Harper couldn’t carry the team on his back, and they got bounced in the division series for the 4th time in 6 years. So instead of breaking down what happened over the course of those 5 games, this idiot reporter tries to get Bryce’s pre-game show prediction like it’s Monday Night Countdown.

Clown question, bro. Good on Casey Stern for calling him out with the quickness. Brandon McCarthy also had some thoughts, he plays for one of the teams in the NLCS.

postseason baseball demands the most out of everyone. The writer who asked Bryce Harper for his thoughts on Dodgers/Cubs shows anyone can choke.

— Brandon McCarthy (@BMcCarthy32) October 13, 2017

Bryce handled it differently this time around