Sammy and Sonia Sosa Enjoyed a Night Out in Miami


If there’s anyone out there just dying for a white Sammy Sosa update, you’re in luck as Slammin’ and his wife, Sonia, recently met up with some celeb friends of theirs in Miami’s Brickwell City Centre last weekend. We all laugh at Sammy pretty much being a cowboy at this point, but the man keeps on trucking along — he’s clearly comfortable in his bleached skin.

As for Sammy’s old Cubbies, they’re hopes for a repeat championship season are still alive. Though, no one is expecting him to make an appearance anytime soon after he said he “put Chicago on the map” back in February.

The Cubs made sure to shade him earlier this week with these promotional “W” towels for Game 3:

Cubs handing out W towels with relevant names. No Sosa.

— Paul Sullivan (@PWSullivan) October 9, 2017

Sammy hitting us with that familiar peace sign… looks like he needs to work on those knuckles:

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