OJ Simpson Hit A Las Vegas Wine Bar, Met Some Fans, Is Enjoying Freedom


If you thought OJ Simpson was going to get out of jail, lay low and maybe play golf 4-5 days a week for the rest of his life, you were just about as wrong as possible. He’s probably playing golf, but he’s definitely not laying low. The Juice has been out for 12 days now and I’m constantly seeing new photos of him out and about, mingling with the common folk in Vegas and catching up with paparazzi.

On Monday, people spotted OJ at a taco spot drinking bloody marys, and then yesterday he was spotted at a wine bar outside of the city mixing it up with some fans and taking photos. He’s pickingĀ up right where he left off, outsideĀ of the armed robbery.

Between getting back in the memorabilia game, possibly staging fake paparazzi run-ins, hitting up bars, playing golf, I think we can officially say OJ is BACK.

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