Meet Lauren Jones – Raiders Fan With Giant Raiders Tattoo


It’s been a fairly miserable 24 hours for Raiders fans, so I thought it would be wise to help cheer up these fans by introducing them/you to Lauren Jones, a superfan I came across last night while looking for Oakland Coliseum fight videos. Lauren stood out for obvious reasons.

That’s a massive Raiders tat!

I’ve been at this game a long long time and I can’t remember ever coming across a woman with a giant NFL logo tat on her stomach. Super rare. I’m not the least bit interested in a woman with a giant Raiders stomach tat or even a Bengals tat, but there are Raiders fans out there who seem to like tats. I’d like to see some sort of tattoo survey for a Raiders game.

I’ll say 90% of the fans have at least one tat and 55% have a head tat. It’s insane. We go through thousands of Raiders fan photos on Sundays and it’s incredibly rare to see a Raiders fan who doesn’t have one visible tat.

Some other Raiders fan’s incredible ink:

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