Maryland Chick Snags Beer, Smashes It On Her Forehead, Slams It In Seconds & Wins The Internet

So this Maryland fan set the internet on fire today after this video of her putting on a drinking clinic went viral. The whole video is perfect. The fact that she’s up on a table, then snagged the beer one-handed OBJ style, and then pounded that shit in less than 2 seconds. It’s all perfect.
Naturally, every dude is losing their mind over this. They’re in shock, they’re in awe, and they’re in love. So many emotions are running through their brains, they don’t know how to feel. This is the type of chick who will drink a man under the table and then bang him back. Then she’ll do this:

Welcome to legendary status, mystery UMD fan.

The internet all had the same reaction as this guy

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