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Have you taken a look at the Bama football schedule?

This week it’s Vandy. Now Vandy isn’t that bad this year. The Dores are 3-0 and coming off a win over competent Kansas State. That gets you the 3:30 slot on CBS against Bama. But let’s be honest here, it’s still Vandy and they’re still incredibly outmatched. It’s been 33 years since Vandy beat Bama. 1984. The Tide finished 5-6 that season, the same as Vandy.

We’ll suppose Bama gets by Vandy by 21 to 28 points this weekend. Then it’s a home game against Ole Miss. And then it’s a schedule that features a bunch of coaches fighting for their SEC careers. The roadie against A&M on Oct. 7 shouldn’t be a problem.

This isn’t good for college football. What the hell happened to the SEC West? I need insane matchups on a weekly basis. Instead we get Vandy-Bama in the 3:30 slot. And we get LSU – last week – getting beat by 30. Something needs to change, quick.

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