Is That A Rally Butt Plug In Tyler Naquin's Locker?

Welp, looks like we have another incredible storyline from the Cleveland Indians to go with the 21-game winning streak. Looks like we might have a Rally Butt Plug in Tyler Naquin’s locker!!!
There’s a very minor chat going on over on Reddit where someone posted a SportsTime Ohio screencap of the possible plug. I’m no expert on butt plugs, but a quick look through Amazon’s butt plug selection tells me that I’m 95% sure that’s a vanilla butt plug.
Guys being guys!
As if following the Indians isn’t already fun enough, now there’s this news that Cleveland might be powered by a butt plug with superstitious powers. I have so many questions.

  1. Do you guys rub the plug for good luck?
  2. Does the plug get passed from locker to locker as a slumpbuster?
  3. Did Francona buy it?
  4. No? Did Napoli leave it behind after last year?
  5. What did you guys name the butt plug?

I had to dig a little deeper into this story. I wanted to know if this had been revealed before this morning — it hadn’t. I wanted video to figure out if it belonged to Austin Jackson. After some investigative work, turns out there’s video and I cross-checked the tats with the help of an Indians insider.
Time for ‘Rally Butt Plug’ shirts. Get on that, Cleveland.

Watch the locker open next to Austin Jackson…then Tyler Naquin’s arm tats gives it away:

[protected-iframe id=”88b3441035663a5eccdf6163f2c3ac5c-22577676-23105199″ info=”″ width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border: none; overflow: hidden;” scrolling=”no”]

Scoreboard Flasher At The Cardinals Game!
Scoreboard Flasher At The Cardinals Game!