Scoreboard Flasher At The Cardinals Game!

Here it is, the big story that will get passed around on Thursday. There was a scoreboard flasher at tonight’s Cardinals game!!!!

Tits out for the boys. The Cards are 2 back of the Cubs and the Reds are currently beating up on the Cards 6-0. This is how you motivate a team.

Never seen this at a sporting event. Here at Busch they were showing fans on the big screen and a woman flashed the camera.

— Benjamin Hochman (@hochman) September 14, 2017

As for the uncensored version…can’t show it. You’ll have to go here to see the full shot. Google will absolutely crush us for showing it. I know, Google owns the world. You like your Google stock at all-time highs. This is what you have to deal with.

[HT: @TroyMachir]