HS English Teacher Rachel Gillespie Arrested for Improper Relationship With Student


“Damn, I wish my teachers looked like that back in the day”, you probably thought to yourself after looking through the mini gallery above of Jennings High School English teacher Rachel Gillespie.

According to KATC, 26-year-old Rachel is yet another instructor who couldn’t control herself and was arrested in late August for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a student. You don’t need us to tell you what that means… details from the report:

On August 22, deputies received a call from the school board, stating that a Jennings High School employee was alleged to have had an improper relationship with a student, stated Ivey. An investigation was initiated and information gathered led detectives to request an arrest warrant. Due to conflicts, the District Attorney’s Office and 31st Judicial District Judge have recused themselves.

In addition to teaching English, Rachel worked as an assistant coach on the softball team. She was booked into a parish jail on $25,000 bond.

We owed you guys another teacher article after posting The Slumpbuster:

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