I Can't Get Enough Of Redneck Florida Man Driving His Can-Am Through His House & Into The Pool

I guess this Florida Man redneck Dusten Smith (calm down, he calls himself a redneck) guy is some sort of YouTube legend for his Can-Am videos, especially his videos where he takes his Can-Am for a ride in his pool. It’s Florida, this is the shitt you do for fun. Dusten’s based in Deltona, Florida, a city between Orlando and Daytona. The last time Deltona was on BC it was for a woman (allegedly) who stabbed her boyfriend because he wouldn’t bang her.
It’s that kind of neighborhood. The people have some fun and play hard.
Now it’s known as Dusten Smith’s neighborhood where you never know what’s going to go down with the Can-Am.

Now Dusten’s pumping out multiple Can-Am videos like drifting in the rain during Irma. You hear of people becoming overnight sensations for the strangest reasons on the Internet. That’s Dusten. Who knew doing pool wheelies would be interesting. You never know until you push play on the videos.

It’s a joke, people!

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[HT: Jalopnik]

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