Bella Hadid Doing Work, Scottie’s Back With Larsa & Booger McFarland Piles On Matt Elam


smiling despite the L

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Nothing is on TV tonight. My ass isn’t watching anything and I won’t be on the computer. Don’t care if there’s something that tries to suck me back in. I just spent like 5 straight days with my ass planted in a worn out desk chair. I have to do something like go for a walk tonight. Maybe run some speaker wire in the basement. Something. My brain is roasted.

Bella Hadid clearly looking for an NBA power forward via social

Scottie’s back to laying the pipe with Larsa

Euro soccer facial wounds of the week…kinda gruesome

CBS NFL intern wants this one back

Booger McFarland piles on Kentucky’s Matt Elam…Matt Elam can’t catch a break on SEC Network

TV reporter goes toe to toe with Florida Man war vet in Jacksonville…this is WILD

Now we have TV reporters being tied off & held up during live hurricane shots

Here’s Caitlin from Florida State!

Time Of His Life Video of the Year From ESPN

Burger of the Day

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