Ryan Shazier Better Be Suspended & Fined For This Cheap Shot On DeShone Kizer

Remember when Ryan Shazier knocked out Gio Bernard during the 2016 playoffs by leading with the crown of his helmet and knocked Bernard out of the game? Shazier was back at it today in Cleveland where he went in with his helmet to obviously rock rookie DeShone Kizer who was going down for a slide.
I’ve watched the video above a couple times and — I’m not a football expert — it appears Shazier was leading with his helmet to Kizer’s ribs. Flags were thrown, but it’s time to see if the NFL starts to send a message to Shazier and the Steelers or are they just going to let this one go because the “Steelers play the right way” and are “an old school NFL team?”
Let’s go back to April when Shazier was labeled a dirty player:

Shazier was recently asked by the NFL Network about being labeled by some as a dirty player. Shazier seems surprised — as were we — that Pittsburgh’s linebacker is possibly considered dirty by some of his peer and opposing fan bases.
“I didn’t know I was a dirty player,” Shazier said. “Well, I just play my best every game. I’m not trying to hurt people. I’ve been hurt enough, so I’m not out there trying to hurt people. I know how that feels when you’re hurt and can’t play the game that you love. If people want to call me a dirty player, then whatever.
“But at the end of the day, I just got out there and play my best. If a dude drops his head when I’m going to tackle you, then I can’t control that. I just give everything I got every time I’m out there.”

Meanwhile, Steelers fans like to say the dirtiest player in the NFL is Vontaze Burfict. If so, he sure has competition from Shazier in Pittsburgh.


Update: It appears T.J. Watt has already learned the Steelers way.

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