Bruce Springsteen Shirtless, Britt McHenry’s Fox Debut & Mike Trout Just Going About His Business


catch ya later!!!

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Dolphins at Eagles tonight on NFL Network should be some good patio viewing. You’ll also get some serious Little League World Series action as we start to eliminate the remaining teams. It’s also Northern Trust weekend in the golf community. That should keep you busy as we count down the hours until college football gets rolling on Saturday. We’re so close, stay out of jail.

Bruce Springsteen shirtless on Geffen’s yacht for the ladies & the sports writer nerds who love him

Johnny Depp’s daughter is tearing up IG

Nazi bro Chris Cantwell’s old DUI mugshot

Derrick Rose got a doodle & it was very expensive

Britt McHenry’s big debut on Tucker Carlson’s show

This Florida Man (gotta see this mugshot) in trouble for trying to meet child

Guy goes nuts during Fox & Friends, gets a Gameday sign on the show

Here’s Bree from Colorado

Do You Even Realize How Great Mike Trout Is(?) Video of the Day

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