Vermont Little Leaguer Shoots His Shot With His Teacher
You have to respect the balls on this kid who decided to take his one opportunity on national television to shoot his shot with his middle school teacher. Ben Deibler just officially became a legend at his school and among his friends. We all had a teacher like this, the one everyone wanted to bang. She was probably just out of college, early on in her teaching career and still a smoke bomb before the kids sucked the life out her. You know the teacher I’m talking about.
By the way, I love these little fun facts that they ask these kids. Every answer is hilarious. Whether it’s their nickname, favorite athlete, favorite website, whatever. These kids come up with some funny shit.
Like the cockiness on this kid:

Or this kid with most correct answer ever:

Or Boog Powell just being the man:

I can’t get enough of the LLWS.

UPDATE: Of course the internet ruined our fun…. it was photoshopped

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The Best and Worst of MLB Nickname Jerseys