Ryan Miller’s Wife Noureen DeWulf Announces She’s Back!


Remember Noureen DeWulf, wife of goalie Ryan Miller? She was an absolute legend back during the early days of BC when she’d appear in like one hot photo ever 6-12 months and you felt like she was coming back into your life just as you started to forget she existed. Miller was winning 40 per year for the Sabres and these two were huge Internet stars.

And then the Sabres turned to garbage, Miller wasn’t starting and DeWulf started having kids. One thing leads to another and here we are in 2017 with Noureen, just 33, getting back to her old self by hitting the beach and having someone snap pics to use on IG.

From today’s IG:

it’s been 2.5 years since I had my baby and I finally feel like myself again… anyone who says it’s easy to get it all back is lying. I’ve been working out harder than ever….I’ll never have the body of my 20’s… but my new goal is to look good at every age and embrace it all

There it is…Noureen is announcing she’s BACK! I like it. Like when the hot sports wives just put it out there…LOOK AT ME…MY ASS IS TIGHT AGAIN.

Maybe this all has to do with Ryan signing with Anaheim. Noureen’s putting it out there that she’s open for business again. Time for photoshoots. Time for movie appearances. Time for Jimmy Kimmel appearances. It’s good to have one of the original GOATs back to her old self.

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